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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Georgetown-Ridge Farm CUSD #4 2017-2018 Schedule

Georgetown-Ridge Farm CUD #4 school offices will reopen August 1st. The district will begin its 2017-2018 school year with a teacher’s in-service on August 17th & 18th.

  Attendance:  All students will report for classes on Monday, August 21, 2017.  Each school day the buildings are not open to students until 7:20 a.m. So, for car riders and walkers, please plan accordingly.

  Registration:  To streamline the Registration process for the 2017-2018 school year, Registration will be  IN THE GRHS GYM FOR ALL STUDENTS on the following days:

Tuesday, August 8 from 12 noon-7 p.m.

Wednesday, August 9 from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. with 6th grade Orientation from 6-7 p.m.-August 14th

Thursday, August 10 from 12 noon-7 p.m.

   When you come in August to register, you will need:  Two proofs of residency, one of which must be dated within the past 30 days.  Both must show parent/guardian name and current address.  Examples of proof are, but not limited to:  Utility bill (water, power, phone, and disposal service), Mortgage papers/Rental Agreement, etc.  You will need to provide documentation of Medical Compliance (Grades:  K, 6th, 9th, 12th, Athletes and anyone who has received a letter for non-compliancy). You will also be asked to complete, with staff help, a School Fee Waiver Form.  Our district currently qualifies under a Community Eligibility Program that provides NO COST Breakfast and Lunch to ALL district families.  Therefore ALL district families must fill out a Student Fee Waiver Form.  You will need to complete a Technology Acceptable Use Policy if we do not currently have one on file and pick up the Student Handbook.  ALL PRE-K THROUGH FIFTH GRADERS MUST VISIT THE TRANSPORTATION TABLE.

  Registration Fees:  Please come prepared to pay Registration Fees and any overdue fees from the previous year, if still owed.   Basic Textbook Fees for all grades K-12 is $35.  There will be an additional $5 Technology Fee assessed per student in grades K-12.  Mary Miller Junior High students will need to pay a $5 lock fee and a $13 PE Uniform fee.  Georgetown-Ridge Farm High School Business, Vocational and Art Education Materials Fees are $25 for each vocational department class in which they enroll.  Driver’s Education course fees are $100 plus an additional $20 to the Secretary of the State of Illinois for the Driving Permit and vision exam.

  Extra-Curricular Fees:   All students in grades 6-12 will pay an Extra-Curricular Activity Fee of $20 per activity for the first two activities in which a student participates with a maximum of $40.  Participation in additional activities is at no cost to the student. 

  Lunch Prices:  School breakfasts and lunches are provided under the CEP at No Cost. However, extra milk can be purchased with hot lunch and cold lunch at a cost of $.35 per carton.  Milk is not provided should your student bring a cold/sack lunch from home.  One carton of milk is included in a school hot lunch

  Closed Campus:  Georgetown-Ridge Farm CUD #4 has a closed campus policy for all students K-12.  No students will be allowed to leave school grounds during normal school hours unless picked up by a parent/guardian.


Forms for Registration can be found on our websites.  Please print and fill them out BEFORE coming to register.

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